YZ Performing Arts (YZPA) Center in New York is conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan. YZPA fosters and empowers the promotion of international exchange of performing arts with diversified, modern and traditional performing art training, performances, showcases, and competitions. Our dance instructors are top professional and international recognized teachers. The YZPA sets different dance teaching modes for students of all levels and ages. We encourage you to attend group or private classes. Whether you are focusing on technique, flexibility or you’re just looking for a new way to work out, we encourage you to develop new skills and invite you to join our team. Through practice and persistence, YZPA creates a stage for dreams and an international stage for dance lovers in other countries. Explore our site for more information, and feel free to reach out with classes - schedules. We are inspired to join with you in the magnificent journey.


YZPA表演艺术中心成立于美国纽约,位于交通便利的曼哈顿中城。YZPA是以多元化,创新和传统的艺术培训,演出,比赛,为一体的专业国际文化交流表演艺术公司。师资均为最专业的世界级教师群体,舞艺精湛,舞台和教课经验丰富。 YZPA为不同水平和年龄层次的学生们设计不同的课程,通过练习和坚持,为在异国他乡的舞蹈爱好者创造梦想的舞台,国际的舞台。我们鼓励您参加集体班或私教课程。无论想练习技巧,柔韧度还是寻找一个新的锻炼方式,我们都邀请您加入我们的团队。



YZ Performing Arts works in a variety of genres and fields.
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